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It Actually Pays to Shop For Your Mortgage
September 5, 2019

Shopping and comparing mortgage rates helped this Pennsylvania homebuyer receive the best possible deal from Morty Thanks to technology, comparison shopping has become more common than ever. From browsing flights to comparing deals on a single pair of headphones, we...

Smart Home Buying With a Human Touch.
August 19, 2019

After an appraisal gone-wrong, Morty’s knowledgeable mortgage expertise helped a first-time homebuyer get back on track to homeownership. Imagine you finally find the one. After scrupulous saving and tedious house hunting, you finally find the home you plan to build...

Real Estate—The “Business of Making Memories” for First-Time Homebuyers
June 6, 2019

Morty’s Realtor Advisor shares our passion for helping good people purchase good homes. Our mission at Morty is to empower first-time homebuyers to make smarter financial decisions about their home purchase. Morty is partnering with realtors across the nation who...

Putting the Home-Buyer in the Driver’s Seat
May 20, 2019

Experienced realtor, Chris Phillis, saved thousands on his mortgage by using Morty. Morty's online process was quick, straightforward, and seamless.

7 Common Home Decorating Mistakes New Homeowners Can Make
March 22, 2019

DecorAid shares tips on what to buy now, and what to add later. You’ve saved. You’ve methodically shopped around. Now you’re ready to move into the right home for your needs. But one question remains: how do you begin decorating...

Morty’s Streamlined, Transparent Home Loan Process.
March 20, 2019

How the words ‘Shop & Compare’ saved a homebuyer time and money on her mortgage. At Morty, our mission is to empower first-time homebuyers. We’re sharing our third installment of our Borrower Stories—where real homebuyers who have used Morty chat...

4 Pieces of Advice First-Time Homebuyers Should Definitely Ignore
March 18, 2019

Letting folks know that you’re looking to buy your first home can open a floodgate of unsolicited advice from friends and loved-ones.  Your Aunt and Uncle bought their home during the Reagan administration, but are now suddenly experts on real...

The Psychology of Home Buying: Set Aside Emotions and Focus on the Facts
March 6, 2019

A variety of emotions can motivate homebuyers. Painful factors may include job relocation or a parent moving in due to illness. Some are driven by the hope of promise: an impending family or a dream being realized. One thing most...

4 Ways Millennials are Transitioning from Renting to Buying
March 5, 2019

Millennials are expected to form 20 million new households by 2025. That indicates a major shift for many 18-34-year-olds: from renting to owning a home. Renters typically need to come up with first, last, and security deposit lock in a...

4 Tips For How to Plan, Budget, and Smartly Purchase Your First Home.
March 5, 2019

If buying a home in 2019, or at any point in the near future, is part of your goals it’s best to get started early. Having clarity regarding your finances and the home buying process can ensure you make more...