In 2019, a plethora of new technologies and platforms will be hitting the real estate world. From co-buying homes to navigating zoning codes to finding your dream home through artificial intelligence, there’s an incredible new technology for practically every need.

We’ve put together some of the top platforms homebuyers will want to utilize in the coming year.  

Non-Traditional Group Buying

Millennials have proven they approach real estate differently, caring more about buying a home and having financial security than other life goals like getting married or having children.

Millennials came of age with the recession. So purchasing a home has been harder for them. Millennials are also making lower salaries than generations prior. So it’s no surprise that with Millennial’s new and innovative approach to real estate, more non-traditional home buying initiatives have surfaced.

CoBuy helps homebuyers looking to purchase real estate as a joint venture navigate the often complex process of home buying with multiple buyers. CoBuy’s online platform guides buyers through the process of co-buying a home from start to finish. With this platform’s help, buying a home with friends or family can become a feasible goal.

Grow Your House as Your Needs Develop and Change

(Photo from Module Housing’s website)

When purchasing a house, it is not always easy to predict what your needs will be in the future. If you want a place that can grow with you, Module can help. Module helps homeowners add on to their existing space effortlessly. Module dares to make the process of building or adding to a home downright joyful. This company coordinates permitting, finance, styling, and construction. All while presenting you with every detail, so you decide the best way to proceed.

For single buyers, buying a home for a family right now may be irrelevant and over budget. However, with Module, you can easily add on to your existing space and your needs develop. Module also has a mission statement that many millennial buyers will be able to get behind: creating places that respect community and context.

Revolutionizing the Building, Extension, and Renovation Process

(Photo from Cover’s website.)

When buying a home, zoning codes matter. Buyers may think the house is perfect now. But what if later on they need for an extension to the back of the house or a home office? What if, fifteen years from now, you want to add a pool or a balcony? Even if it doesn’t seem relevant now, building codes, compliance designs, and local zoning and permitting regulations may be relevant later.

New technology is here to make the chaotic world of building and zoning regulations understandable. Regulations can be thousands of pages long with numerous amendments and updates, and nearly require a degree to understand. A few startups are trying to change that:

  • Cove.Tool offers automated building performance guidance for architecture, engineering, and Construction. The platform grew from the need for a decision-making tool which could convey options for cost and energy savings in an easy-to-understand graphical format. The best part? Cove.Tool’s core message is to remain committed to fighting climate change one building at a time.
  • With Cover, you will not have to deal with contractors or permits; everything is included in their great system. Cover’s technology has reinvented the entire design, permit, construction, services, and even materials. So if you want to transform that garage into a home office? Cover ensures a design and building process that you will take pride in being a part of.

In 2019 it’s time to say goodbye to laborious building processes and unintelligible building regulations. With a little research, you can quickly know if the house you are considering purchasing really can become the home of your dreams.

Let Artificial Intelligence Find the Right Home For You.

(Image from’s website), a real estate portal. It uses machine learning algorithms to deliver customized search results that take into account homebuyers’ specific preferences. Homebuyers that were cruising Pinterest or found the perfect look for a home on StreetEasy? They can now upload images of houses and receive listings that offer similar aesthetics or features.

Looking Ahead

Thanks to the emergence of dynamic new technologies, buying a home has become a more straightforward. It’s a more understandable process for buyers. Artificial intelligence, big data, and socially conscious platforms with a genuine goal of better communities and the improving the buildings people live in. These technologies have the potential to impact the home buying experience significantly. The process of buying a home has been revolutionized. So take care to do your research and find the most suitable new tech for your home purchasing needs.

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