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For homebuyers looking to purchase an apartment in 2022, there are certain amenities you should definitely consider.

Be sure to examine amenities with a critical eye. A building with fancy finishes might not be worth the cost. But having an in-house gym could seal the deal. Prudent buyers know their priorities. What truly adds value, not just to your property but to your life? From a social space to tech features, keep these apartment amenities on your list when you go apartment hunting:

#1 Parking and Access to Public Transportation

For urban areas, parking is crucial. Driving around in circles for an hour looking for a spot? Running in the early morning to move your car on the weekend? That’s no way to live. A top priority when purchasing an apartment is ensuring you have space for your mode of transportation, whether it be your car, bike, or the occasional Zipcar.

If a car is not yet relevant for your needs, be sure to check the public transportation. Consider the following:

  • Will you take a bus or a train?
  • How far is the bus stop from your front door?
  • What will public transportation cost each month?
  • How long will your commute to work be?
  • Are you close to an airport? Is it easy to get there?

These factors can significantly impact your quality of life as well as your daily routine. A home with a good transportation set up can reduce stress and save you time and money.

#2 Storage

Living in an apartment often requires living in a tighter space. Be on the lookout for apartments that have made the most of space limitations. Look for built-in closets, shelves, cupboards, and other unique storage spaces. Additionally, some buildings offer space in the basement to rent and store more substantial items, like an extra mattress. Or that treadmill you swore you’d use, but have not gotten around to yet.

#3 Green Space and Pet Parks

Living in an urban environment does not have to mean sacrificing fresh air, plants, and green space. Many buildings today are taking advantage of rooftops by installing community gardens. Green spaces allow you room to lounge and enjoy some sunshine. If you have a dog, the proximity of parks and off-leash dog parks will be crucial.

#4 Maintenance and Security

Not every apartment building is outfitted for a doorman, but having one can make all the difference. If you are single and living alone, an extra layer of security monitoring who enters and exits the premises can be reassuring.

Maintenance you can trust can save you valuable time and money. Hire outside plumber to fix your shower drain? You could be looking at going into work late. At the very least, hiring maintenance professionals leaves you subject to their schedules. So look for a building that offers in-house maintenance staff. They can visit your apartment without you being home.

#5 Package Delivery

With Amazon, grocery deliveries, and more, packages seem to be a part of our everyday life. Anyone living in a building without a doorman will know that is nearly impossible to get packages delivered. Having a building with a package delivery system will be crucial to ensure you get all of your online orders safely, on time, and without having to schlep to the nearest post office. Bonus points for a building that offers mobile alerts regarding the receipt of packages.

#6 Business Center

Thanks to the emergence of Millennials on the work scene, traditional workspaces are being challenged. With more people working from home, remotely, or a combination of in-office and otherwise, the need for apartment amenities to include business centers has never been greater. A conference room with high-speed wifi, televisions, computers, printers can be a lifesaver for those who need a little help with that work/life balance.

#7 Tech Amenities

There is an increasing demand for tech amenities in apartments today. Buyers want their home purchase to be thoroughly modernized and ready to accommodate their everyday needs. Having the right technology in an apartment not only makes the apartment more valuable, but it can add significantly to your quality of life. Keep an eye out for:

  • Outlets with USB ports
  • Smart controls for cooling and heat
  • Online options for making maintenance requests or paying any fees
  • Smart controls for cooling and heat
  • Online options for making maintenance requests or paying any fees

#8 Features that Never Go Out of Style

Houses are not the only properties that should have “good bones.” If you are considering buying an apartment, you will need to put in a little investigative research. Classic features like hardwood floors and a working fireplace can significantly add to the value of your home and be a factor to consider if you will eventually rent out your space.

#9 Social Space

According to Apartment List, 80% of Millennials want to purchase a house or a condo. With such a massive influx of Millennials hitting the housing market, it is no wonder their unique demands are being reflected in apartment amenities. Millennials want a sense of community and to get to know their neighbors. And that makes social spaces for happy hour, coffee, or food nights important. Buying an apartment that fosters communal space well being can help you become part of a community. Plus, you’ll make some friends along the way.

#10 Wellness Centers

What does wellness have to do with apartment living? According to the National Apartment Association, fitness centers offered as amenities in apartment buildings were ranked as one of the top amenities buyers look for in a building. Working out a few floors from your home means that no matter how busy you are with work, you can squeeze in a few moments to focus on your personal health. However, wellness only begins with a gym. Try seeking buildings that have water purification, sound buffering, a swimming pool, and even a spa.

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