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Clients tools from start to finish

We’ve spent years perfecting our online customer experience. Our tools support your clients at all stages of the homebuying process, from rates exploration through closing.

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Early-Funnel Advisory

Cost Explorer. Empowers your homebuyers to take control of their budget by providing tangible, helpful tips to help your clients better understand their own personal affordability.
Interactive Mortgage Quote. Most mortgage quotes get stale. Our’s don’t. The Interactive Quote tool compares different loan options in real time, automatically updates every time the market moves, and calculates monthly payment and closing costs.
Rate Tracking. Send your customer daily or weekly rate tracking emails. This is a great tool to both nurture your customers and keep them informed of industry trends.
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Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Instant Pre-approval. Hassle-free online pre-approval that’s quick, simple, and puts you in the homeowner in the driver’s seat. Made even easier with our soft-pull fucntionality so a pre-approval doesn't impact your client's credit rating.
Verified Pre-approvals. VAPs are a great way to help your client strengthen their offer while decreasing your chance of churn.
Online application. Your clients can apply for a purchase, refinance or HELOC in through one beautifully designed and easy to use portal.
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Deal Status Tracking

Closing Tracker. Offer your clients one place to coordinate together on all financing related items requied to close their loan.
Document Review. Speed matters. Give your clients the advantage of fast feedback on all document submissions so the deal never misses a beat.
Email Notifications. Stay in the know even when you're not logged into your systems. Email, text and slack notifications help keep you in constant contact with our support teams.
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“The Morty Platform provides tools to streamline your processes and enhance your ability to provide tailored solutions to clients.”

Robert Heck
VP of Mortgage @ Morty

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Productivity Tools
Productivity Tools
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Mortgage Infrastructure
Mortgage Infrastructure
Provides you with lender access and regulatory support so you can focus on growing your business.
Platform Support
Platform Support
Our support teams handle every aspect of the mortgage so you can focus on the customer relationship.

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