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How to Access and Sign Your Initial Disclosures

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After you complete your mortgage application on, you will receive confirmation (within a few business hours) that it has been received and processed. The next step is to review and sign your initial disclosures. The disclosures will be available on Rocket’s portal and will require a few simple steps to complete, including consenting to e-signature, e-signing, and providing intent to proceed. Please see the steps below for reviewing and signing your disclosures with Rocket Mortgage.

Step 1: Go to Welcome Email

If your lender is Rocket Mortgage, as soon as Morty registers your loan you will receive an email from Rocket to create an account on their portal. This email will be sent to the email that you provided to us in your application. See below:

You can navigate to the Rocket portal by clicking the link in the email. Once on their site, you will be able to create an account. 

After you click “Create My Account,” you will then be presented with an option to consent to e-disclosures and e-signing before you can continue into the Client Portal. SeeIf you wish to give your consent, you may select ‘I Accept’. If you do not wish to receive documents electronically you may select ‘I Decline’, which will result in the disclosures being mailed to the home address that you provided to Morty in your application. Please note that doing so can adversely affect your closing timeline and will disqualify you from the Closing Date Promise.

Step 3: Review and Sign

Your next step is to review and sign all initial disclosures. You can access all documents in the “Tasks” section. You will also be asked to provide ‘Intent to Proceed’. By clicking ‘Yes’ in Intent to Proceed, our team can move forward with the next steps for your loan. Providing intent is not a contractual commitment to Morty or Rocket Mortgage. Please note that intent to proceed is necessary for us to continue processing your loan.

Once you click “E-Sign” you will be brought to this page below, where you can review the documents and add your signature on each page.

Step 4: Completion

Congratulations, you have signed everything you need to sign, and if you provided intent to proceed, we can move forward processing your loan! 

If you would like to review any of the signed documents later, you can review them in the Documents section in Rocket’s portal. This section shows posted documents you have previously acknowledged.