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Owning a new house is like inheriting a sprawling 2500-square-foot blank canvas. A space of your own to add colors, accents, and items that express all the vibes and personality of your home.

Page through Elle Decor, Domino, or any well-known interiors mag, and the bold and daring hues will catch your eye with each editorial layout. Despite the changing trends, however, it’s important to stay true to not only your aesthetic but your personality as well.

This begs the question—what color should you paint your home? Combining aesthetic tips with personality traits described in Psychology Today, here are some of our insights when it comes to choosing the colors of your home.


In Psychology Today, Psychologist Bernardo Tirado reveals that “people who choose black as their favorite color are often artistic and sensitive” and “are careful with the details of their lives.”

Painting any wall of your home black is practically guaranteed to look ultra-chic. But only if the furniture and items around it are strategically curated. Make sure your furniture and/or appliances are a stark contrast—otherwise, your house will give off a bit of a vampire-vibe. Monochrome, for instance, is a great way to make a black wall look oh so elegant. Try a black kitchen wall against your white kitchen cabinets. Or a black accent wall next to a white wall in your living room. Black and white tile floors? We’re swooning. also suggests 28 Ideas for Black Wall Styling. Adding lots of plants, gold picture frames, or cream furniture will create a stylish, yet welcoming balance to any room.

And if you’re a sensitive and artistic person who is meticulous with each item that goes on display? Black walls might be the right fit for one of the rooms in your new home.


Tirado describes people who like white as “organized and logical” and who also “don’t have a great deal of clutter in their lives.”

This makes sense, as most people with white interiors seem to accentuate the natural architecture of their home rather than the objects in it.

Fear your house might seem too sterile? Rather than acquiring an abundance of knick-knacks, opt for a medium-sized snake plant, a palm tree, or an orchid to accessorize your furniture. Adding earthy-tones will also convey a warmth to any room. Try light-stained woods for your cabinets and a neutral sofa in tan, taupe, or gray. You can always add a black picture frame or a bright, colorful accent pillow for contrast.

If you’re someone who is an anti-hoarder and prefers minimal, modern furniture, white walls are a good, clean option. Any room with high ceilings will benefit from a white room as dark colors can sometimes seem overpowering.


Red is so often associated with fiery passion. So is it any surprise that people who love red would be described by Tirado as those who “live life to the fullest”? What could be more #YOLO than a red wall?

Red is way more versatile in home interiors than one might think. It can be ultra-modern as a living room wall when paired with a mid-century white sofa and patterned accent pillows. Or it can be an incredibly regal entryway wall amidst ornate gold frames, embroidered textiles, and hand-painted antique cabinets.

Whatever your aesthetic, if you’re someone who likes to take design risks and make a statement, a red wall might be something you need to go for in your lifetime.


If your mantra is “keep calm and carry on,” painting your living room blue might be perfect for you. People who love blue, according to Tirado, are “reliable and always make an effort to think of others.” They also “feel that stability is the most important aspect in life.”

To play up the harmonious vibe, we suggest keeping it cool. Try a charcoal rug, a light gray sofa, or blue accents that don’t quite match the wall paint. And balance the cool tones with a suggestion of warmth—perhaps a bouquet of yellow roses or a decorative throw pillow.

However, if your home has more of a vintage vibe, a turquoise blue wall with added warm tones in gold, bronze, and pink will strike the perfect balance between serene calm and old-fashioned elegance.


(Photo from Coco Lapine Design)

Tirado describes green lovers as “affectionate, loyal, and frank.”

If you fall into that category, go for painting your living room a deep green. Adding tan high-quality leathers paired with simplistic black and white textile patterns can create a straightforward, down-to-earth vibe.

Creams and industrial-style accessories are also both stylish and utilitarian. Opt for an Edison light bulb, or a brass floor lamp to keep the room eclectic and interesting. Don’t forget to include lots of plants. They will highlight the green wall, tying in all the objects of the room together.


It’s easy to associate yellow with happiness and sunshine. But according to Tirado, people who love yellow also enjoy learning and sharing their knowledge with others. This type of warmth and energy can stimulate any room. But yellow is particularly appropriate for the kitchen, as kitchens tend to inherit such a lively, social, atmosphere.

Warm yellow walls are especially inviting when paired with large windows that allow for a lot of natural light. Cream cabinets and furniture neutralize the bold hue to create a cheerful, fun atmosphere that isn’t distracting. Perfect for light conversation while cooking, or for morning chatter over coffee.


(Image from Elle Decor)

Last, but not least, Tirado describes people who love purple as “artistic and unique.”

Purple walls certainly convey a unique sense of glamor. They look best when paired with ultra-luxe items—velvets, gold picture frames, marble, faux fur throws, and turquoise ceramics.

If you love travel, art, and antique treasures, purple might be the best choice for your living room, your entryway, or any room that invokes your artistic spirit.


It doesn’t matter how many design magazines you peruse, or how many swatches of paint you browse at Home Depot. When it comes to your home, you just have to do what feels right. It’s important to keep not only your aesthetic tastes in mind, but also know what colors speak to your personality. Consider what you want to get out of each room, and how you want others to feel in it.  At the end of the day, your home is for you and the people you want to share it with.

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