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If you’re wondering if can you be a real estate agent and be a licensed loan officer in a specific state, you’ve come to the right place. There are currently 45 states, and Washington D.C., where you can get be dual licensed as an agent and an MLO. Morty’s Platform supports dual licensing in 31 of these states.

For real estate agents, there are a number of benefits to getting licensed as a mortgage loan officer, including increased commissions and a streamlined client experience. 

While deciding to get licensed as a mortgage loan officer can be a valuable way to increase your skill set and offer news services, it’s not possible in every state. Here is a list of states where  a real estate agent can also get licensed as a mortgage loan officer:

*States where Morty supports REA and MLO dual licensing

States A-H

States I-N

States O-W

If you’re a real estate agent interested in getting licensed as a mortgage loan officer in one of these states, learn more about Morty’s platform program. We make it easy to get licensed by assisting with coursework and exam prep, providing support from our tech and team, and offering competitive compensation. 

Get a leg up, with Blueprint

Morty’s Mortgage Licensing & Activation Accelerator

Learn about joining the Morty platform.

Morty makes it quick and easy for licensed MLOs to get sponsored and work off our platform. Morty’s out-of-the-box mortgage solutions are built specifically for real estate professionals. These solutions are designed to give you the independence to start or scale your mortgage brand with the resources, infrastructure and technology you need to be profitable in today’s mortgage industry. Reach out with any questions!

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