How to Access and Sign Your Initial Disclosures

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After you complete your mortgage application on and receive confirmation that it has been received and processed, the next step is to sign your initial disclosures. Initial disclosures are sent directly to your email from our team via our lender partners and will require several simple steps to complete, including consenting to e-signature, e-signing, and providing intent to proceed. This article will teach you how to access and sign your initial disclosures with NewRez.

Step 1: Welcome E-mail 

If we registered your loan through NewRez, you will receive an email from You may also receive an email from your Mortgage Expert with this information, but be sure to read all emails from this NewRez email address too. 

Once you have received this, click the highlighted “Doc Link” to be brought to the Sign In page.

Step 2: Two-Factor Authentication (Verification Code) 

You’ll be prompted to choose the method of verification code retrieval: Text Message or Phone Call. Please see the examples below. 

If you choose to authenticate via a Phone Call, it is important to know the following: 

▪ The call will come from 470-725-5944 

▪ The caller is identified as Arizona 

▪ The message received on the call is “Your DocuTech mortgage verification code is xxxxxx. Enter online within 30 minutes to sign in.” 

Text message example:

Phone Call Example:

You will then input the code and click Sign In

The first time you log in, you will be asked to consent to receive documents electronically by accepting the Electronic Records & Signatures Agreement. If you do not wish to receive documents electronically you may select ‘Decline’, which will result in the disclosures being mailed to the home address that you provided Morty in your application. Please note that doing so can adversely affect your closing timeline and will disqualify you from the Closing Date Promise.

Step 4: Review and Sign

All documents can be reviewed and signed in one interface. All documents requiring an electronic signature are listed along the left side of the screen and all are initially color-coded with a yellow bar on the left. Once the Start Flag is clicked, the eSigning can begin. The Review watermark will appear across the document only until the entire package is completed. Once all documents are eSigned and, when applicable, ink-signed documents are printed or downloaded, the watermark disappears.

As each document is eSigned, the yellow bar on the left will turn green to indicate the completion of that document.

Documents that require a selection will have a red flag to the right. Once a selection is made, the red flag is replaced with a yellow “Sign” flag.

After all eSigned documents are completed, the green Continue button will appear at the bottom right of the screen.

Ink-sign documents are ONLY displayed when applicable.

Step 5: Done 

Congratulations, you have signed everything you need to sign, and if you provided intent, we can move forward processing your loan! 

Upon completion, all documents are available for download or printing for 30 days.