How the words ‘Shop & Compare’ saved a homebuyer time and money on her mortgage.

At Morty, our mission is to empower first-time homebuyers. We’re sharing our third installment of our Borrower Stories—where real homebuyers who have used Morty chat with us about their home buying experience. Meet Marcey, a brand marketer and UI/UX specialist living in Georgia. Below, she discusses her home buying journey and experience using Morty.

Could you tell us a little bit about your home buying journey? How long did it take for you to find your house?

Honestly, I thought it was going to take a lot longer. Usually, it takes me a long time to even make a decision about buying a mug. But then, the second home I toured, I was like, this is it. I told the real estate agent, well, I still want to look at another house, [so] I looked at I think two or three more homes? And they were nowhere near as good as this one.

So I found the house right away. Now, I need to get the mortgage!

What was it like working with Morty for your mortgage?

I’m very comfortable with online purchases. Most of my purchases are online. So I felt completely fine with shopping for a mortgage online, too.

Transparency in pricing is a core value to Morty’s business model. How did that factor into your experience with us?

[My Morty rep was] probably the most honest, trustworthy person out of the whole entire team of people who helped me buy a home. [My Morty was the one who] suggested I should shop around. He suggested—not me. He said, “You should probably shop around to make sure that you’re getting the best price.”

And so I did. And Morty was still the best price.

How would you describe the experience of being fully digital?

The user interface for Morty was really clear, really easy.

What was the highlight of working with Morty in terms of service?

For me, working with [my Morty rep] has been probably been the highlight of this whole experience. He was honest, real, and worked really hard. The value proposition is really the customer service. Having someone who is knowledgeable, and somebody who is available. This is weird to say because I’ve never met [him] in person!

If you had to choose one word to describe the Morty experience to others, what would that word be and why?

Streamlined. It just seems really efficient.

The process seemed really organized. I mean people told me that purchasing a home is a bit of a drama-fest, there’s always negotiations and this and that. So I knew that was gonna happen. But in terms of the mortgage itself? I don’t know, [using Morty] seemed very streamlined to me.

Now that you’ve been through this process, what advice would you give to friends about buying a home and getting a mortgage?

Mortgage planning

Shop around, definitely. Shop around and make sure you don’t just accept the [only] mortgage lender that [someone] recommends.

Also, ever since I bought this house, my to-do list is like, five-hundred pages. It’s my first time as a homeowner. I never thought a house could be… it’s like a never-ending craft project. I have to caulk everything. Prior to this, I had no clue what caulk even was.

At Morty, our goal is simple: make finding a mortgage easy and transparent. We help homebuyers navigate the complicated process of securing financing to buy a home. If you’re ready to make your home buying dream a reality, we’re ready to help. We work with our borrowers from pre-approval all the way to closing day.  Click below to get started!

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