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A competitive advantage

Expedite your pre-approval

Speed up the closing process and move quicker than competitors with standard pre-approval letters. With an underwritten pre-approval, the majority of the underwriting process can be completed before you even make an offer.

Close in as few as 14 business days

In homebuying, speed matters. With Morty’s Quick Close Advantage, eligible buyers can close in as few as 14 business days – less than half the national average closing period. Stand out to sellers as a serious buyer in a competitive market when you expedite your closing process.

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Added flexibility

Lock in your ideal rate before you find your ideal home

With extended lock options, you can lock in a rate for up to 180 days. You don’t even need a property address in order to secure the rate you want.

Add provisions to ensure the lowest possible rate

Whenever you do lock, float-down options can give you peace of mind that you’ll close with the best possible rate. If rates improve after you lock, you'll be able to lock in a new rate before closing day.

Bypass the need for an escrow account

With an escrow waiver, you can pay any taxes and insurance associated with your mortgage in one lump sum as they become due. Qualifying for an escrow waiver can both speed up the process and allow for greater flexibility when you finance your home.

Peace of mind

Morty's Closing Date Promise

Our promise is simple: we’ll make your closing date, or we’ll give you $2,000. Your closing date is a big milestone, but all the variables involved can make it a stressful one. Morty’s Closing Date Promise is our way of ensuring peace of mind with a close you can count on.

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Local, dedicated expertise

Morty’s mission to make your homebuying process easier goes beyond our tech – it’s powered by our team of mortgage experts in local markets across the country. Our Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) are here to help – whether it’s walking you through your loan estimate, demystifying mortgage terminology, or simply helping you along your homebuying journey.

Local Loan Officer

Connect with a local loan officer in your area.

Morty works with loan officers around the country to ensure you get the best of all worlds: competitive rates, delightful customer experience and local expertise. To get started, create an account.

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