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Referrals can help power your pipeline as a mortgage loan officer. Here’s what you need to know.

Referrals can be a powerful driver of your business. When you have a strong referral network, growing your client base and finding new clients gets easier and easier.

Where to start?

Consumers and other industry participants tend to highly value word-of-mouth referrals when they come from trusted contacts. But it takes time and effort to grow your network and get your referral flywheel going. At Morty, our team has experience building referral networks as pathways to success and we’re here to share that knowledge with you. Read on for more about how to get started.

Our guide to build a referral network

Explore our resources around careers as mortgage loan officers and see how Morty can help.

  1. Let your work speak for itself
    • Doing great work is the best way to kick off a referral flywheel. Build strong relationships with clients (and real estate professionals you interact with) and provide them with everything they need to successfully obtain the home financing they need. This helps build long-lasting trust and makes clients likely to refer you to friends, family and others in their network. 
  2. Make and keep connections
    • Once you’re done working with a client, don’t stop there. Make sure your clients know how much you value working with them and do something special to celebrate their home financing accomplishment and make them feel valued. This strengthens your connection with them for the future and encourages them to refer others to you. And don’t be afraid to ask if they can introduce you to others you might work with. Go for it! 
  3. Pay it forward 
    • When it comes to getting referrals from real estate agents and other real estate and financial services professionals in your community, you also want to pay it forward and send referrals their way. For example, when you have clients that don’t have an agent yet, introduce them to a trusted agent in your network. It works two ways!

Next Steps

Joining the Morty platform is another great way to fuel your referral network and leverage the resources of our processing  team, 45 state licenses, and lender marketplace.

If you’re interested in learning how you can use the Morty Platform, connect with us by filling out the form below.

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